On Course for the Best Golf Ball Reviews and Find the Top 5 of 2014

Everyone considers that having the best golf clubs you can afford is the secret to a good round of golf, but the choice of ball you use is equally important. It is no use turning up with the most expensive clubs in the world and then playing with the wrong ball so it is always wise to look at golf ball comparisons and golf ball rankings before you select your balls.

See what the experts say about the balls, look at the pros and cons and then purchase the ones that best suit your game.

Starting in reverse order these are the Golf Ball Reviews: Top 5 of 2014. They originate from professional and amateur golfers who have used these balls and discovered their pros and cons while playing with them.

5. Taylor Made Lethal Golf Ball.

This is the ultimate tour performance ball due to the revolutionary five-layer construction. The progressive velocity technology in the manufacture of the ball and the seamless dimple pattern is one of the major assets is it gives a penetrating flight. You get optimum spin control from the five-layer technology and the cast-urethane cover material gives a good feel and outstanding performance no matter what is the speed of your swing.


  • Bites well
  • Feels good
  • Long hits
  • Stylish
  • Versatile, good for both weekend play or tournament rounds.
  • Holds line on putts
  • Good in wet or windy conditions


  • Name makes it sound like a cheap ball
  • Scruffs quickly
  • Not durable, wears out quite quickly.

4. Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls.

These balls look the same and feel the same as any normal golf ball but they have a unique spin skin which delivers an exceptional spin without sacrificing distance. Both models are fitted with this skin which makes Srixon golf balls stand out from the rest.

Both makes also have a 344 speed dimple pattern which makes it a very good ball to use in windy conditions. The only difference between the Srixon Z-Star and the Z-Star XV is the Z-Star is designed for golfers who like to concentrate on control whilst the Z-Star XV is best for those who focus on distance. If the player has a 100 mph swing the Z-Star XV model will travel five yards further than the Z-Star.


  • Spin skin boosts backspin
  • Both makes perform well in windy conditions
  • Z-Star gives excellent control
  • Z-Star XV good for those who want a long hit.


  • Expensive, these balls sell at a premium rate.

3. Nike RZN Platinum golf ball.

These balls are designed for golfers who like to achieve performance distance with a softer feel. Due to the new Speedlock RZN used in the manufacturing of the Nike RZN Platinum they offer tour performance control and moderate spin as well as increased ball speeds.

They are lightweight balls that are ideal for golfers with a swing speed of 95-100 mph and they give a higher trajectory than many other balls.


  • Impressive driver performance
  • Copes well with the wind despite their lightness
  • Good value for money


  • Lacks control round the greens
  • Feel extremely soft off the putter face.

2. Callaway Speed Regime golf ball

The second-best golf ball of 2014 is the Callaway Speed Regime which comes in SR1, SR2 and SR3.Why the golf ball rankings are so high for the Callaway Speed Regime is because they are designed to have the best aerodynamic performance for golfers who have a swing of between 90 and 105 mph.

They reduce drag at high speeds and increase height at low speeds. The balls penetrate ball flight through their HEX pattern so they hold their line in the windiest conditions. The soft urethane cover gives tour-level control on shots all round the greens. The soft inner core gives a low spin off the driver which will achieve a long distance off the tee. The firmer outer core increases spin rates and the ball has excellent stopping power on short irons and wedges.


  • Good quality
  • Holds their line in the windiest conditions
  • Delivers distance
  • Plenty of short game swing
  • No ballooning


  • Difficult to use – must be hit in the middle of the club face
  • Ball feels dead off the club face in cold weather
  • Sells for premium price and not as durable as other balls in this price range.

1. Bridgestone B330 – RXS Best golf ball of 2014

Bridgestone Golf have long been leaders in golf equipment, it is a name renowned and admired by professionals and leisure golfers alike.

The 2014 ball is the B330 – RXS and it is designed for golfers who have a swing speed below 105 mph. This ball inspires confidence and enables any standard of player to play like a pro. It has great spin control throughout especially in pitch shots and even at a slow swing speed it performs well.


  • Solid feel off driver
  • Great spin control
  • Great control on finesse shots
  • Durable
  • Inspires confidence


  • A bit flat on wedge shots
  • Loses out on distance
  • Not brilliant in windy conditions

Golf Balls

Titleist Pro Golf Ball Reviews

Although Titleist Pro golf balls were not featured in the top 5 golf ball rankings of 2014 many players chose Titleist balls over any other make of golf ball. Titleist have greatly improved their golf balls over the years and now performance is proved in every shot.

The company has spent a long time rigorously researching and developing their golf balls in order to ensure they are now top quality balls. They are designed to help golfers play a better game whatever their standard and they concentrate on what Titleist considers is the most important element, performance.

Golf Ball fitting

If you cannot decide which brand of ball to select you can get help in the form of golf ball fitting. Although golf balls all look the same shape and size they are not all created the same.

Different brands have a different feel, spin and trajectory and it is important to know which type of ball is best suited to your game.

Golf ball fitting recommendations are based on three categories

  • Recreational – mid to high handicap with a slower swing
  • Premium – mid handicap with moderate swing speed
  • Tour/Advanced – low handicap and professionals with high swing speeds

To get a correct fitting golfers have to supply the following information

  • Which category they fall into
  • Feel (soft, firm, hard)
  • Playing priority (distance with spin, spin with distance)
  • Driver distance + roll (ranges from less than 125 yards to 300+ yards)
  • Ball compression (low to 65, mid 66 to 89, high 90+)