What Chromax Golf Balls Are The Best?

Many of us don’t remember the days when tennis balls were white. Tennis is a sport that reveres tradition and many players resisted the introduction of the bright green balls that nearly everyone plays today.

Golf also respects its history. But certain innovations are hard to resist. Woods were once made of wood. But metal woods proved so superior that tradition had to give way.

The new Chromax golf ball is another such innovation. The patented reflective finish is so much more visible – on the green and in the air – that only the hard and fast traditionalist will continue to play the white ball. Its remarkable brightness on the green will save search time and sharply reduce the loss of balls. Its visibility in the air allows the golfer to watch the ball in flight and more easily correct his or her swing. The ball is also beautiful: Many end up on display.

The revolutionary Chromax golf ball creates unprecedented visibility in all light conditions with High Visibility Technology.

Because of Chromax’s unique inter-illumination between a reflective inner layer and a translucent outer layer, the surface of the golf ball appears brighter. Chromax is not only the easiest ball to see in the air and on the grass, but it is the easiest to play.

Available in the 75 compression M1x for slower swing speeds, the 85 compression M2x and the new 90 compression “Distance” ball, for golfers with faster swing speeds and lower handicaps. All Chromax balls conform to USGA and R&A tournament specifications.


The clear outer cover, crafted from a proprietary blend of resins, is durable yet flexible to provide high energy transfer and spin – distance and control.


The metallic inner coating on the Chromax two-piece core reflects sunlight through the clear cover providing unprecedented visibility and ease in tracking the trajectory and distance of the ball’s flight.


The 1.57in. diameter core is made of poly-butadiene rubber compound blend and molded under high temperatures and extreme pressure to create a core with superior durability, elasticity, and a high coefficient of restitution.


The 432 dimples on the Chromax cover — several different sizes ranging from .125in. to .160in. in diameter — to create optimal trajectory and spin around the green.

Chromax was launched in 2007 at the annual PGA Golf show in Orlando. Everyone loves the traditions of golf but they wanted something little different. More than just a golf ball with color, we wanted something that would really enhance the game of golf. Chromax came up with Chromax golf balls. The Chromax golf ball has a metallic layer that reflects sunlight like a mirror and its elegant colors add a little character. Easy to see and beautiful to look at.. To make the game of golf a little more fun.