What Crocs Golf Shoes Are The Best?

People no longer choose golf shoes for just their performance. They also choose them for their comfort and style.2012 was a game changer year for crocs golf shoes. Their sleek designs and form factor is their unique selling points. Their insoles have a massage like feel because of the croslite material used. This ensures you can stand for long without needing to change the shoe.

3 Tips on how to choose the best of crocs golf shoes

• Choose the right fit

This point cannot be overstated to be comfortable you need a right fitting shoe. Crocs golf shoes give come in three kinds of fits to pick from. Before choosing a specific fit first you need to know the size of your feet. Secondly, you need to know how you like a shoe to fit you. Do you like your toes free, back strapped or a tight fit. The roomy fit ensures your toes do not touch the front of the footware. This is great for people with long or crooked toes. The relaxed fit gives you room for the whole foot. Your foot is free to wiggle without it being lost. The standard fit secures your feet properly. It exactly fits your foot.

• Design

The latest designs of crocs golf shoes give you a variety to choose from. You can choose any of the five designs without compromising on your performance. They come with both male and female foorware. You can pick the classy shoe which has a more traditional look .It has a saddle design topped with leather. It is extremely comfortable because it has padded heel that provides foot stability. The classy shoes are available in four different color combinations. The breathable shoe has a mesh upper design that helps your feet ventilate. It is the lightest of the five. It has a croslite material midsole like all of these designs. This material helps reduce weight while conserving energy. Then we have the low cut shoe for ladies. It is attractive and light comes in two different color combination khaki/red and white/silver. There is also the waterproof and the breathable shoe for ladies.

• Performance

Generally golf shoes will not reduce your handicap. So what they focus on is extending your time on the golf course. This has been done by ensuring you are comfortable for a long period. This done by using the crostile material for footbed. This ensures you have extra heel cushioning that gives you forefoot stability. If your feet sweat easily and you create that squishy feeling preventing you from having stability you can pick a shoe with an upper mesh. They have them for both men and women. The mesh allows for maximum ventilation and makes the shoe really light. Thus you can play longer even during the summer. The soft spikes on the shoes helps gives them a firm grip of the ground. They are more comfortable and give you little break period. However, if you prefer spiked ones for a firmer grip they also have those.

These shoes are really convenient as you can wear them outside the golf course without looking redyculas.Their price when compared with their style, comfort and performance is really great. They are lightweight and flat soled with dimpled soles ensuring they are perfect for firm surfaces. They are also durable due to new inventions in rubber technology.