What Wellzher Golf Bags Are The Best?

Golf is a wonderful sport and if you are passionate about it, you will want the best gear. And when it comes to high quality sports gear, few companies in the world can compete with Wellzher and what they can offer. Among the best products they have in store for you, golf bags are definitely some of the most well-known ones. However, even when you do have some experience in the golf “arena”, selecting a particular golf bag may not be easy, especially considering the fact that there are many Wellzher models to choose from.

What Type of Bag Do You Need?

In principle, there are four main types of bags out there:

· Standing bags are meant for those of you who carry all your clubs with you. These bags will stand when they are placed on the ground and they will retract their “feet” when taken off the ground as well. Wellzher T.E. Stand Carry Golf Bag is one very good example. When you choose a stand bag, make sure that you pay attention to several features, including the standing mechanism, the pockets, the height of the bag when it is standing and so on.

· Carry bags are also referred to as “Sunday bags” and they are meant for golfers who don’t want to carry around all their clubs – but only a few of them, together with a couple of tees and balls as well.

· Cart bags usually have a lot more features than the stand bags (including valuables pockets, cooler pockets and so on) and they are meant for golfers who carry everything by cart. Wellhzher has some very good cart bags in store as well: the Wellzher Tomahawk Golf Cart Bag, the Wellzher Aegis Golf Cart Bag and so on. If you decide that you need a cart bag, make sure that you take into consideration certain features it may or may not show: storage, how much access to the pockets you have when the bag is in the cart, whether or not it has handles for lifting and so on.

· Professional/staff bags are the heaviest golf bags out there and they are mainly used by professional golfers.

Weight and Storage

If you want to answer the question “what Wellzher gold bags are the best”, you also have to know the weight of the bag itself. Make sure you choose one that offers you a good balance between how much it can store and how heavy it is and also make sure that you take into consideration whether you will be carrying it manually or with the help of a cart as well. After all, you don’t want to get too tired simply off carrying your golf clubs!

What Wellzher Golf Bags Are The Best?

All Wellzher golf bags are excellent when it comes to most of their features, but in the end, it is you who has to decide which one is the very best – because it is you who has to look after certain features. Depending on how much you want to carry around and depending on what your general approach to golf is, you will surely find the perfect golf bag among the many models offered by Wellzher.